What are the different ways I can help as a volunteer?

There are many ways you can help as a volunteer. The following are a list of areas we have already identified:

Time commitments vary according to the area in which you choose to volunteer. So be mindful of your other personal commitments when you make your choice.

If you have any other special skills or areas that you think would be of benefit to the Party, feel free to let your interviewer know so that we can better match your skills.

Who do I talk to if I want to be a volunteer?

You can either sign up online or contact

What can I expect as a volunteer, after I have filled out my volunteer form?

Once you have completed and submitted your form (online or in person), you will be contacted by phone or email and asked to come in for an interview at your PNM constituency office. If you have any special skills or training in the field that you would like to volunteer, it will be helpful to walk with your certification. Your team leader will then give you your assignments for your specific role.

Contact Us

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